Dance of the Turips by Sherri Stockdale

Dance of the Turnips by Sherri Stockdale

"Oops!" Clover the rabbit accidentally eats the snowgirl's nose.

“Oops!” Clover the rabbit accidentally eats the snowgirl’s nose.





  1. The definition of a muse is a spirit or source that inspires an artist.

Why is the blog called “aMUSEd?”

Where do ideas come from? I’ve always loved the idea that there are spirits that bring forth our creative passion; that focus our attention and hasten our intentions. If so, I imagine the muses are as varied as the artists they inspire, stirring up everything from ghost stories to classical masterpieces. I have always been drawn to the delightfully weird, and that seems to be what my muse has in mind for me. I am compelled to create stories and images with an amusing twist, and so I believe my muse has a benevolently twisted sense of humor.

Writers tend to be a distracted bunch.  Our stories live in our heads and demand attention often at very inconvenient times! Most of my story ideas have come to me when I was supposed to be thinking about something else. The muses won’t be denied. Just try carrying on a conversation or paying attention at a meeting when your muse is whispering a perfect turn of phrase in your ear. Maybe you’re like me and have notebooks filled with ideas and stuffed with scraps of paper…things you’ve scribbled down while grocery shopping or in the middle of a dinner party. Like many writers, my mind is a witch’s brew of ideas. I never know what’s going to bubble to the top.

I am a self proclaimed children’s writer and illustrator, and I’ve been writing stories for children for almost two decades. My stories, poems and nonfiction articles have been published in Spider Magazine, Ladybug Magazine and Australia’s School magazine. I currently have two picture books available on kindle: Handsome Jack and The Snowgirl’s Nose.

In a crowded online field, I hope that I can somehow reach kindred souls. Will I be writing and posting into a vast cosmos, essentially creating a ghost blog? Maybe, but my philosophy is that it is better to have created and been ignored then to have never created at all. 

Where do you find inspiration? Please share musings about your creative process. Welcome to my blog!

Best regards,



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